How to connect to the studio

Basic set up Information

Vmix call is the system we use that enables us to include you into our production.
Here are the technical requirements to successfully connect to our studio for on-air.

A solid ethernet or wifi connection works well, cell only connections are unreliable and can cause connection issues. Please make sure you are connected to your work or home internet preferably without to much data traffic like streaming of tv shows going on in the background while we are connected as this can severely limit the quality of the video and can introduce delays.

On Mac os, iPad and iPhone use the Safari browser only. No other browser is supported.

On Windows PC’s, tablets and android phones you must use the latest version of Google Chrome.

How to Connect

Open your browser and go to www.vmixcall.com you will then see 2 x fields. Enter your name at the top and we will SMS or email you a unique password for the other. Once that’s done click “Join Call” and wait a few seconds while the connection is established.
Once connected you will see and hear the video feed from the studio along with your own image and we will be able to communicate via this system from that point.

In the event you have issues connecting, please call us and we will help. Call 0418 828 902

Making it look & sound good. Setting yourself up

We all want the best pictures and sound we can get so here are a couple of pointers to consider.

– Have your computer, phone or other devices camera at about eye level while you are sitting.
– Make sure the device is steady. eg: a laptop on a table or a phone propped up somehow. A nice steady shot is what we need.
– Make sure there is little to no backlight from a window or open door behind you.
– Some front light is perfect. Set yourself up in advance and do some testing to find the right setup while being comfortable. If using a phone make sure it’s oriented in landscape, not up and down.
– If you have ear buds like those for a cell phone please use them as this will improve your hearing and microphone position as most of these have a mic built into the cord as per iPhone buds.